Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing Vera Dikeman

Vera is a Goddess, a combination of Verdhandi (her name means “That which is becoming” and she is one of the three Norns, the Norse Goddesses of Fate), and Dike the Greek Goddess of Judgment.  When Vera decides to physically incarnate as a mortal woman in order to assist humankind, her journey is symbolic of an “Automaton” who discovers that physical existence is more than being a complex and beautiful machine meant for service and pleasure.  

Vera’s journey leads to her own self-discovery as she moves from a newly incarnated being to a woman who becomes aware of the “Ghost in the Machine,” which turns out to be the immortal soul of the Goddess of Justice herself.  As such, she embraces her divine nature which allows her to follow her own Will and make her own choices.  

Vera Dikeman is portrayed by Terra Mysterium company member, and author of “The Alembic,” Amy Christensen.In order to learn more about Vera, you'll have to come see her journey on stage!

"The Alembic" opens this Friday as an official selection of Chicago Fringe Fest.  All performances will be presented at Dream Theatre, 556 West 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60616

Friday, August 31st at 7pm
Saturday, September 1st at 1pm
Sunday, September 2nd at
Monday, September 3rd at
Friday, September 7th at 10pm
Saturday, September 8th at 7pm
Sunday, September 9th at

Admission: $15 ($5 for the mandatory Fringe Fest Button, $10 for admission to our show)

Purchase tickets here

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