Monday, June 3, 2013

Terra Mysterium presents: "In the Observarium" the music video

In the Observarium
A Terra Mysterium production
Lyrics - Keith Green
Music - Matthew Ellenwood (ASCAP)

Cast in Order of Appearance
Matthew Ellenwood
Keith Green
Sean Wilson
Song Marshall
Debra Miller
Jim Kollenbroich
Amy Christensen
Kat O'Connor
Special Guest Appearance -- Lana Lupescu as Sally Faire

Director-Matthew Ellenwood
Cinematographer and Editor - Daria Melnikova
Assistant Director - Jessica Whitington

Special Thanks to the following for their contributions:
Nick Scalise of Scalise Studios for recording and engineering the audio track;
Carol Holzner for allowing us to film in her amazing home;
Oleg Grobshteyn for his technical support and the use of historical firearms;
All the fans of Terra Mysterium for your continued support!

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