Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video Blog #14: TM Makes a Music Video!

Terra Mysterium presents a series of behind-the-scenes videos exploring who we are and our creative process. In this entry, come with us behind-the-scenes of our first music video shoot!

Imagine Algernon Swinburne, Saki, and William S. Gilbert married their lyrical styles to a Neo-classical tune from the theatrical stage, its subject being a haunted seeing stone, and you have "In the Observarium."  Now imagine a creepy old Victorian mansion haunted by ghosts, seers, and demons, and see a sneak peek of the music video.

The "In the Observarium" music track is NOW AVAILABLE for download! Get it here:
CD Baby

On set, day one: the "In the Observarium" music video will release in late May.

Have any questions you'd like answered in a future video? Leave them in comments. We hope you enjoy the video!

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