Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amber McCoy Muses on the Owen Society February Meeting

Allow me to give myself a small introduction before I proceed with my musings. My name is Amber McCoy(*) and I have been under the tutelage of Professor Marius Mandragore(+) for many years now and am currently assisting him in the facilitation of the Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment.

I must admit that I am slightly disturbed that I learned so much from the prurient Dr. Xavier Day(*) during his presentation on Hoodoo and Hexerei for the Owen Society. With some discomfiture, I must concede that I have some obeisance for Professor Mandragore as his apprentice, and I can now discern why he insists on holding the apocryphal Dr. Day in his esteem.

Dr. Day’s lecture forced me to analyze the power of words. The secreted written charms and whispered blessings of Hoodoo and Hexerei have significance. Though Dr. Day kept his lecture in the blithe vein in accord with Professor Mandragore’s preferences, the doctor did touch on how the practices of Hoodoo and Hexerei could be used for more deleterious pursuits; to put it more bluntly, in the practice of hexing.

I found myself thinking of connections to those poor souls of the mundane world who deceive themselves with the belief that magic only happens in fairy tales. The truth is quite plain, however. Magic is real and it is unfortunate that you don’t need any special training to utilize it. If a hex is simply a “bad spell” projected upon someone to cause harm then let us for a moment, consider domestic violence. As an adamant apprentice of the greater mysteries I place myself in the mundane world to imbibe all that I can. I am frequently privy to conversations questioning what drives one spouse to stay with a domestic partner who belittles and perhaps beats them. It is the power of words. A powerful hex can start with one slight, one biting critique, one demeaning remark. Those few words have the power to inject themselves into a person’s very soul and work some terrible dark magic indeed. For once that magic seed is implanted in someone’s soul, it can grow. Before someone realizes what has happened, they can go from a happy lover to a shadow of a person who believes they have less worth than the ground beneath their beloved’s feet.

The human animal is the only animal gifted with the endowment of words. Words are a divine gift and one we should use with great care and respect. I am confounded that Dr. Xavier Day of all people would force me to look within myself. I have advanced myself in the world operating from arrogance of my knowledge of things unseen by most people. I have given little thought to repercussions of my actions; and I certainly have not taken responsibility for my hand in malefic events I have encountered in my life journey. Professor Mandragore himself has told me that acknowledgement of my unique talents and abilities is not arrogance; but my lack of responsibility I now find quite untenable. If one has talent, it should be focused and directed. Words do have power; they are hexes all by themselves. Dr. Day has redirected my focus and oddly, made my path more clear; and from now on, I truly will watch with care what I say.

The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment meets the last Sunday of each month at the Owen and Engine Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois.

(+ Professor Marius Mandragore is a Terra Mysterium character and Steampunk persona of Keith Green)

(*Amber McCoy and Dr. Xavier Day are Terra Mysterium characters and Steampunk personas played by Amy Christensen and Matthew Ellenwood respectively. While Ms. McCoy may be squeamish in regards to Dr. Day, Amy Christensen is a student of Mr. Ellenwood, a talented professor, practitioner and learned scholar of magical and mundane arts. Ms. Christensen invites you to visit his website for more information on his practice and services)

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